Recently the rage in Hollywood is to be pregnant. Jolie, Simpson-Wentz, Spelling, Richie- they’re all doing it. So, it makes sense that the uncelebrity Kate Gosselin found such welcoming arms by the media when TLC picked up her story about having two sets of multiples. The show was picked up in 2007 and aired their first episode when the family was ready to move into their new house. (TLC)

Before the show, Kate was a nurse. She lead a normal life and met her now ex husband at a pic-nic. She was just like “us.” Havrielesky says in her article “Of course, these ordinary people will only be “just like us” for about five more seconds, and then the book tours and the image consultants and the paparazzi attacks and the aggressive interviews with Matt Lauer will start to take their toll.“(Havrielesky) Kate’s celebrity status has skyrocketed. She has two books, a TV show (now without Jon’s name) and the infamous A-line hair cut. She travels all over for book signings and regularly gives talks and enjoys the trips. (US Weekly)

Kate claims that all she wants is peace for her children. (US Weekly) However, her face is plastered all over the news. She can’t seem to give up the status of celebrity. “Very little of their former selves will remain, rendering them just as bland and worthless as the real celebrities that came before them.”(Havrielesky) Kate refuses to step out of the spot light claiming “it’s gone too far.” Even though Jon’s attorney ordered a cease and desist of filming at the family home in Pennsylvania. (Women in Business)

The uncelebrity Kate Gosselin will never give up the spotlight and her fans wouldn’t have it. The show bases their plot on affective economics. The viewers feel part of the family. They hate Jon, love the children and seem to have mixed feelings about Kate. No matter the feelings, Kate will be in the media for a while.

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