She’s a pit bull with lipstick. She’s a hockey mom. She’s a past governor and candidate for Vice President. She’s Sarah Palin and she’s politics most uncelebritous member. Before Senator John McCain selected the Alaskan governor as his running mate, not many people had heard of her. She swept the Republican Party with her down home values and care for her family. Her looks grabbed the attention of many men and her style the attention of women.

According to “Obamamania,” Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin all broke record ratings for Primetime acceptance speeches during the coverage of the DNC and RNC conventions. (Obamamania) A record number of people tuned in to watch her accept. She was novel. She was a woman, a mother, a grandmother, a working woman, beautiful and intelligent. What was more to want? Many women began to idolize Palin.

“Regular folks offer up their life stories –throwing in their dignity and self-respect along with it — and out comes a series of pointless interviews, a book deal, a speaking tour, a reality show, plus CDs, jewelry lines, skin product endorsements and everything else under the sun. Even as uncelebrities lament being harassed by the paparazzi at every turn, they can’t seem to get off that crazy conveyor belt of commodification without transforming every last scrap of their souls into

consumable goods.”(The Triumph of Uncelebrity)

This sums up my point. Palin became a consumable product. Just Google “Sarah Palin glasses,” and the entire first page is consumed with articles about the trends started with her glasses and places to order them.  Her style is mimicked as well. Over $150000 dollars was spent on Palin’s wardrobe, later to be auctioned to the adoring public for charity. (People magazine) There are tutorials that explain how to achieve Palin’s signature updo and even a recipe for Palin’s famous moose stew. Palin is even on Twitter. ( If someone gets their kicks out of mocking Sarah, then just tune into some SNL skits and hear her talk about seeing Russia from her house. Essentially, a person could mock every marketable characteristic of Palin by doing a simple Google search.

Even those involved with Palin have reached celebrity like status. Levi Johnston has an agent to handle all of his media. All he did was father Bristol Palin’s baby. He has become marketable too.  

So, the uncelebrity is on the rise. They are profitable, relatable and what the public demands. Palin is an excellent example of this because she gained her rise through politics.

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