So to produce the show they need a handsome jock, a dumb blonde, a gay man, a cowboy and a diva. They’ll throw them in a house, create hostile situations and then edit what they say until something interesting and sensationalized comes out of it. What is this trend that swept the nation’s TV viewers? None other than reality TV. It is also fake. The top hit on Urban Dictionary for “reality TV” is “Shit that’s faker than Pam Anderson’s titties and more fixed than pro wrestling!” [sic] a more appropriate definition from them is “A truly saddening development of modern media. Programming which lacks any redeeming social, intellectual or moral value but is nonetheless poignant in a macabre way due to the reflection it offers of a rapidly declining western culture. Primarily watched by mindless, brainwashed Americans who are long since bereft of any intelligent thought or recognizable human values (greed and self-interest notwithstanding).” [sic] So, my thoughts seem to be shared by at least a few of the leaned people that grace Urban Dictionary with their presence.

The contestants on reality television are manipulated. I know this is shocking news, but nonetheless, it is the truth. The shows are cut, voices changed, words bleeped out and entire scenes rearranged to give the desired effect for the storyboard. (Ethics and Reality TV) Yes, that is correct, reality TV shows are conducted off of a storyboard. The contestants receive interview-coaching advice and run off a mild storyboard. This news leaked when The Writers Guild of America did not cover the creators of the storyboards. That’s how scripted it is. (Time)

So, indeed, it is very far from a concrete reality. The contestants aren’t themselves on the show (due to intense scrutiny and intense editing) and that leads to a good show. Would we watch it if they all got along? “Indeed, spontaneity and authenticity would seem to be the first casualties when what was a temporary experience for ordinary folk becomes a full-blown career/lifestyle for budding “stars.””(Variety) There’s the truth, people change to fit the mold that is given to them. Whatever character they get casted for.

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