In Alyssha’s blog about advertising, she makes a point about how many ads are directed towards women. They’re on the cover of every magazine and flashing on TV’s and billboards, but the man’s ad is equally as prevalent. The man’s ad also relies heavily on the portrayal of the hegemonic man that Trujillo talks about. Every male model is chiseled, strong, and rugged and totes around a beautiful woman. Look at the ads for Old Spice, Abercrombie and Dodge truck. Dodge is even endorsed by all American man Toby Keith.

I agree that women are easily persuaded by the ads, I know I am, but I think men have stronger, harsher ads projecting at them. Women’s ads right now are all about the idea of beauty no matter what shape a woman is in. Look at Dove’s campaign for girls’ self esteem. Women are accepted to beautiful from the inside. The men are faced with campaigns like Abercrombie, Axe and anything Brad Pitt happens to be endorsing. “Many males are becoming insecure about their physical appearance as advertising and other media images raise the standard and idealize well-built men. Researchers are concerned about how this impacts men and boys, and have seen an alarming increase in obsessive weight training and the use of anabolic steroids and dietary supplements that promise bigger muscles or more stamina for lifting.”(HealthyPlace)

Here are a few of the ads that are projected at women. Notice how they are about being beautiful and accepting all body types.

Here are a few about men. It’s easy to see how these portray an unrealistic image for men to attain. Even if they do portray the hegemonic man in some aspects, it’s not right for the media to be leading people o believe this is the norm through advertising.


This commercial plays off the woman’s point of view and puts a male spin on it. The men lose the hegemonic characteristics to a point, but it’s a little more (at east physically) realistic and funny. 



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