After ten weeks in Pop Culture, I’m still not ready to leave the class. It was a great class and I was able to learn so much material that I once perceived to be boring. The blogging, book critique and movie critiques were great for me since it gave me a chance to write– something I did not get to do in my other classes.

As for the blogging assignment that we received I was petrified to have to do it. I was uncomfortable with pop culture and didn’t know how my ideas and perceptions of concepts would stand up against the rest of the class. However, once I started working on a blog, I realized that it was my opinion and what I could form from the readings we were assigned for class. The blogging really helped me with the readings. Some of them were hard to get through, but sicne I was reading them with a purpose in mind and scoping for information I was able to read and comprehend them much better. I think I gained the most understanding of hegemonic masculinity from the blogs that I wrote and the ones that I read on the matter.

I think my best work was one of the last ones I did. It was called “Hi, I’m a Mac and proud of it.” It was about branding and the community that people form around their products. I think I really grasped the idea that we were supposed to get from that lesson. I was also able to form my own opinions and ideas and present them within the blog. The website I used was also very informational and a great supplement to the blog. My weakest work was Jon’s hegemonic masculinity and how he is being stripped of it. I think I could be more specific in the blog and go deeper in my explanations of his problems by using Trujillo’s article.

I really liked the blog. I liked being able to manage it and read the others in the group. If I did the blog again, I think just knowing more about the blogging process– what I’ve learned through this class, would be helpful. At the beginning I was a little unsure of how to operate a blog and what was considered proper blogging techniques and such. I think just having the knowledge I have no would make the experience better and allow me to expand more on certain ideas.

The blog and class were a great experience al together for me. I think I will continue blogging to have some sort of continuous writing project. Overall, I learned an immense amount of information and learned how to think and reason out my own ideas on things I once knew very little about.