In Anthony’s blog he states how President Obama used the Internet to gain an edge over Senator McCain. President Obama was careful though, he didn’t make a complete idiot out of himself in public situations that later turned into viral videos. So, as viral videos launched President Obama’s campaign, it has ended quite a few for others. In particular the Howard Dean (Democrat) and his Iowa Caucus. Ralph Nader (Independent and Green Party) ended his campaign with his infamous Uncle Tom quote about President Obama. 

As Cynara say in her blog “Without a doubt, most political organizers in the United States look to the internet to enhance political participation. The Internet’s promises access to one of the most coveted demographics: the elusive “young voter,” the 18-34 year-olds who spend a significant amount of their time online. Furthermore, the Internet is inherently democratic: you do not need a degree, a resume, or extensive experience to start writing a blog, or to post videos of yourself on youtube.” This would have been helpful information for Nader and dean to realize before they had their episodes. Their mishaps ended up in the hands of young voters who posted to their blogs and Facebook’s and turned these men into the laughing stocks of American politics. 

The Internet is keeping the public informed, but it’s also costing politicians the race. Possibly, with their realization of how fast information can travel they will be able to contain their comments and control themselves. Until then, America will continue to run the election through the Internet. Byaaahh!