Oh, my. The ongoing love triangle. As Erin asks, Team Edward or Team Jacob? First, I would like to say Bella lacks a personality and after a thousand plus pages of teen angst whininess she does not deserve either of these men and should just let the Volturi use her. However, this is a great example of branding. Girls (and guys) all over are identifying with a team. They must chose between the moody vampire and the over bearing werewolf, boy, she know how to pick ‘em.

My point is people are identifying with characters in books now. They get defensive over them and proudly declare whom they stand for. It is part of who they are. There is even a campaign about the war. Their statement is as follows: “To settle the most important of important literary questions-duh! In all seriousness, Stephenie Meyer has put us fans into a pretty pickle, giving us two highly like-able male protaganist to fight over. If you think Bella has a hard choice, talk to the Twilight fandom for about five mintues. We here at Novel Novice Twilight decided to put all those Team Edward and Team Jacob fans to the test! Over the next few months, coinciding with the presidential election here in the U.S, we will be running a Team Edward V Team Jacob Campaign.”[sic]

People cling to brands as a form of identification. This goes to show how desperate people are for the community that Strauss talks about in “Things are in the Saddle.”

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